Crossroads Community Services – Glimpses of Light


Elena sat in the intake room answering survey questions. When asked if any of her children had to reduce the amount of food they ate or skip a meal because there wasn’t enough food at home in the last thirty days, she answered “yes.” Further questions revealed that her family often misses multiple meals each week. Although her husband works, he just doesn’t earn enough to provide for food, rent, and other necessary expenses for the couple and their two young children. These parents are forced to choose between paying their bills or skipping meals while encouraging their kids to be sure to eat breakfast and lunch at school. By coming to Crossroads, Elena can choose wholesome foods to feed her children and still pay bills.

Danny presented his rent receipt as proof of residence and commented that it was so nice to be paying rent again. This was his first visit to Crossroads for food, and he shared with great joy that he was finally living in an apartment, after being on the street for six years. But his check was not enough to pay the rent, utility bills, and buy food for the month. Rather than choose between buying food and keeping his home, Danny chose to visit Crossroads where he not only received groceries but also had an opportunity to pick out free gently used clothing to begin building a wardrobe and filling the closet in his new apartment.

Tommie has faithfully volunteered at one of Crossroads’ Community Distribution Partner sites for years. She coordinates food delivery to 17 low-income households headed by senior citizens, many of whom care for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Without the food from Crossroads, delivered to their home by Tommie and her team, some days, these seniors with limited mobility would have to choose between eating less or nothing at all, or navigating public transportation, sometimes with kids in tow, to a local pantry, only to receive the small amount she or he is able to carry home.

Cedar Hill Shares – Glimpses of Hope


Read multiple client testimonies and stories of hope, thanks to Cedar Hill Shares.

“I came to the Food Pantry because I did not know how or what I was going to feed my babies that night. Thanks to the pantry my three babies went to bed full and happy.

“I want you to know I really appreciate everything the Pantry does for me, and may I say, “God Bless You”.

“I am a 76 year old grandmother raising my grandchildren. I couldn’t make ends meet and could not provide food for my grandchildren even though I received food stamps. I heard about the Food Pantry, applied and I am so thankful to Ms. Gene and all of them – I could not have fed my grandchildren had it not been for the Cedar Hill Shares.

“I am so grateful for the Food Pantry. I am a senior citizen, a disabled widower living alone on a fixed income. The Pantry provides me with fresh fruit and produce to help me live a productive life style.

“First, I want to say thank you Cedar Hill Shares for all the help and support they have given us. My husband has been battling epilepsy for the past several years – there are times when he is unable to work – leaving us with no income. We prayed and asked the Lord to provide a way. He did just that – we discovered the Food Pantry.

“I am a single senior citizen living on a small Social Security income. A lot of days I would have nothing to eat after I paid bills. If it had not been for Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry I couldn’t make it. The kind of food I receive is nourishing and good. Everyone is so friendly and kind.”

“I would like to thank the Food Pantry for the kind of service they have rendered myself and my family in our times of need. God bless all those who volunteer there.”

“In 2003 I was involved in an accident which limited my ability to work. I was hit from behind and subsequently had a brain stroke. I don’t know what I would do without the Pantry, but I do know that I can see God’s hand in the experiences I now have at the Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry.”

“Today I received a 100% blessing – Cedar Hill SharesFood Pantry paid my TXY bill – a greater blessing is I learned about the services at the Pantry and I am now applying to become a client for regular food” – truly a blessing.