Brother Bills Helping Hand: The Fernandez Family

Blanca Fernandez and her three children are very involved in many of the free programs at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand (BBHH). During the summer, her two daughters, Yazmin (10) and Sophia (8), love to participate in the annual 5-day Ballet Camp. Blanca recently shared with BBHH staff about how much her girls had always wanted to take ballet lessons, but she could never find a ballet school she could afford. In addition to ballet lessons at BBHH, her daughters received the blessing of free lunches each day of camp. Blanca commented that free lunches are a huge help for her during the summer. She struggled to find a free summer lunch program before BBHH, and now she and her children look forward to summers at BBHH where she knows they will receive the critical support and services her family needs.