Sharing Life – Client Testimonials

“Mr. D”

We welcomed Mr. D to Sharing Life late on a Friday afternoon this summer. He is an imposing man, at least 6’7”, quite jovial and was accompanied by six children. The children were starving. They rushed the candy jar on my desk like they hadn’t eaten in days. The truth was, they hadn’t eaten much in the past few days. Mr. D, a truck driver, used all of his money to travel to California to pick up his children after CPS removed the children from the care of their mother. Prior to his surprise trip to California, Mr. D was living in a small apartment with his girlfriend. When he arrived home from his trip with the six children, the apartment manager was quick to let him know they couldn’t stay there any longer. Fire safety laws and apartment policies wouldn’t allow so many people to dwell in one apartment. Homeless, hungry and broke, Mr. D came to Sharing Life looking for help. Sharing Life staff worked with Mr. D and his children over the summer providing food, clothing, school supplies and emergency motel rent until the family could find housing assistance to meet their long term needs. Once they finally found their permanent home, Sharing Life filled their house with furniture and sorely needed household items, including a pantry filled with groceries. This story warms our hearts when we think about how far this family has come since July. Because of the funding we receive from the Dallas Morning News Charities, we are able to make a difference in the lives of people in crisis. People like Mr. D and his six children.


Sarah was a high school student in Mesquite ISD. Sarah was also experiencing homelessness. When we met Sarah she was two months from graduation. A stellar student and athlete, Sarah did not know where to turn when her mother left her to fend for herself after her mom moved in with her boyfriend. Sarah had no job, no money and no place to stay. Sharing Life came to the rescue after a McKinney Vento social worker with Mesquite ISD alerted us to Sarah’s plight. Sharing Life provided food, financial assistance for shelter and other services to create a safety net for Sarah to get to graduation. In early June, Sarah graduated with honors and left soon after to join the US Army. Because of the funding we receive from the Dallas Morning News Charities, we were able to help Sarah overcome a real crisis that could have led to lifetime of poverty. Instead, we have new recruit serving our country after receiving her high school diploma with honors