The Stewpot


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  1. What do you see as one or two of the greatest challenges to helping the homeless and the hungry in North Texas?  


Building hope and self-esteem.

  1. How would you describe your mission, and how are you specifically helping the homeless and the hungry?


There are as many stories as there are faces of people who are experiencing extreme poverty and homelessness — and the broad mission of The Stewpot to “offer a safe haven, providing resources for basic survival needs as well as opportunities to start a new life” reflects that challenge.

  1. Can you give us an example of a person (named or unnamed) who has benefited from your services? How have they benefited? If it’s appropriate, tell us a short story.


A client, Bob, came into the Stewpot for help getting his Texas identification replaced.  He had been beaten, robbed and his jaw broken.  As a result, the jaw was completely wired shut with just a small opening from which he could receive liquid nourishment.  Hungry, tired and in pain, The Stewpot helped pay Bob with his ID, supplied him with basic resources while he stayed at a shelter.  The Stewpot also purchased liquid nourishment for him to keep at The Stewpot for an accessible daily supply until his injuries improved.

  1. Is there anything new that you are focused on for the coming year? Any new initiatives?


This past year, The Stewpot celebrated a 40-year history of working collaboratively in the community to serve persons experiencing poverty and homelessness.  Those partnerships continue to grow and evolve in amazing ways.

  1. What else should North Texas residents know about your work?


Work at The Stewpot is a multifaceted:

  • Key partnerships and accessibility to services are at the core of services found at The Stewpot.  One-on-one casework assistance ranges from basic care and referral and first steps toward stabilization to representative payee assistance for persons needing more extensive attention.  Where it is feasible, services offered aim to overcome the barriers that keep individuals in a state of homelessness – for example, community court programs which can help individuals clear their records, and identification documentation assistance.
  • The Stewpot Open Art Program, The Street Paper Project and Horticultural Therapy Programs offer engagement in supportive communities, as well as personal income generating opportunities.

The goal of The Stewpot’s Children, Youth and Family Programs  aim to break the cycle of poverty.  Programs include:  Kids Club (1st – 5th graders), Junior Crew (6th – 8th graders), Venturing Crew (9th – 12th graders), Summer Kids Club & Summer Crew, Family Stabilization and Community Ministries Scholarships.