Duncanville Outreach Ministry


  1. What do you see as one or two of the greatest challenges to helping the hungry in North Texas?

One of our greatest challenges is being able to get the food we need to keep our food pantry stocked in order to provide the families coming in with a variety of food to prepare meals with.

  1. How would you describe your mission, and how are you specifically helping the hungry?

We provide food on a monthly basis to families in need in Duncanville.

  1. Can you give us an example of a person (named or unnamed) who has benefited from your services? How have they benefited? If it’s appropriate, tell us a short story.

We have several families going through cancer treatments, and they have told us that being able to receive food on a monthly basis is a tremendous help. We have also been able to help one family with car repairs to get them back and forth to their medical treatments. Others we have been able to help with rent as the medical bills continue to increase.

  1. Is there anything new that you are focused on for the coming year? Any new initiatives?

In 2016, we want to make sure we are reaching as many seniors in our community as possible that are living on minimal social security. There are special programs that can help them with their electric bills and we want to make sure as many as possible get set up for the assistance.