Brother Bill’s Helping Hand

Website: www.bbhh.org

Twitter: @BrotherBills


  1. What do you see as one or two of the greatest challenges to helping the homeless and the hungry in North Texas?


One challenge is getting a wide variety of food to stock the shelves of our free Grocery Store (food pantry).  


  1. How would you describe your mission, and how are you specifically helping the homeless and the hungry?


Brother Bill’s Helping Hand enriches the lives of men, women, and children in West Dallas by empowering through learning, encouraging through relationships, and ensuring the essentials of life.  Brother Bill’s Helping Hand provides food for the hungry, quality health care for uninsured adults; educational classes for adults; job training for women’ and camp, birthday parties and Christmas gifts for children.


  1. Can you give us an example of a person (named or unnamed) who has benefited from your services? How have they benefited? If it’s appropriate, tell us a short story.


Each month, Brother Bill’s Helping Hand provides home delivery of food to senior citizens who can cook, but are unable to drive. Volunteers do more than just drop off their deliveries, they stay to visit with these special neighbors, listen to their stories, and share some joyous moments.  Over the last couple of months, several of our Home Delivery neighbors have had birthdays. Two turned 98. Volunteers went the extra mile by bringing a birthday party to their front door with cupcakes, candles and birthday wishes.


  1. Is there anything new that you are focused on for the coming year? Any new initiatives?


In January, Brother Bill’s Helping Hand will begin a financial training program for men. The group will meet for Saturday morning breakfast over an eight-week period and work through “Faith & Finances,” a program designed by The Chalmer Center in Atlanta.  PathWays, a 120-hour job and financial training class for women held twice a year at BBHH, has used the program for the past three semesters. Participants in this program have experienced success as they learned to manage their money and their lives. Our expectation is that the men’s class will do the same.


  1. What else should North Texas residents know about your work?


Brother Bill’s Helping Hand has served West Dallas for 75 years. The ministry provides opportunities for lives to be changed for the present, the future, and for eternity.


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