Thousands of children across North Texas will go hungry this summer without the help of people like you.  It’s heartbreaking to think that low-income students in our communities rely on free- and reduced-priced lunches at public schools for their only nutritious meal of the day.  It’s crucial that our community ensures that these children continue to have access to healthy meals as the school year comes to a close in a few short weeks.

In an effort to reach its $80,000 fundraising goal, The Dallas Morning News Charities is launching its annual Kids Summer Feeding campaign to provide meals for food-insecure children in North Texas this summer. The campaign runs from May 8 to July 21 with a goal to raise $80,000 to fill the gap left by the absence of school lunches.

Partnering with 9 local nonprofit organizations, The Dallas Morning News Charities will provide meals, snacks or bags of groceries to those in need during the summer months -traditionally the slowest donation period of the year – your donation is critical to making a difference.

The local nonprofit organizations donations will support include All Community Outreach, Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, Cornerstone Community Development Corporation, Crossroads Community Services, Frisco Family Services, Mission Oak Cliff, Samaritan Inn, Sharing Life Community Outreach and Wilkinson Center.

To donate or learn more about the DMN Charities and the Kids Summer Feeding program, visit 100% of every donation goes directly to providing meals for children in need in North Texas this summer. Let’s all do our part to keep kids healthy and well-fed this summer.