Three Client Stories from Suzanne P. Griffin, Executive Director of Brother Bill’s

A Grandfather’s Love

This past year neighbors have benefitted from Brother Bill’s Helping Hand programs in a multitude of ways. For the last fifteen years, a sweet couple has been raising three grandchildren. The grandmother’s health was such that she spent most of the time in bed, but the grandfather rarely misses a Grocery Store day and makes sure those grandchildren participate in every program we offer. He brings them to Soccer Camp, Basketball Camp, Back to School Carnival, and the annual Children’s Christmas Celebration. Last August the two boys went to summer camp with over 60 other BBHH campers and they regularly come to Super Saturday. Six months ago the grandmother passed away, and not long after that they learned the grandchildren’s father had died. Over the years Brother Bill’s Helping Hand has always been there for this family. We’ve delivered food when necessary, helped organize important legal documents, and been an encourager to the grandfather. We are grateful to have them as part of the Brother Bill’s Helping Hand family and to be there whenever they need us.

Finding a New Path 

Twice a year for the past twelve years Brother Bill’s Helping Hand offers PathWays, a 6-week / 120-hour job training program for women. The group is purposefully kept small so the ladies can get to know themselves, each other, and the leadership team. Volunteers provide training in everything from interview skills and resume writing to women’s health concerns and time management. Each week they visit businesses to hear about what that company looks for in an employee and how to apply for a job at that particular business. The ladies learn about managing their money through a program called Faith & Finances, and each one has a personal financial coach who walks them through areas such as budgeting and determining the difference between wants and needs. They also learn the importance of relying upon God for direction in all things. Last Spring PathWays graduated seven ladies. Today five graduates are now working full-time and one is working part-time. Their lives are changed because of PathWays. The lives of family members are changed because a mother, daughter or wife is now able to help support her family, and she understands the importance of education, commitment and faith.

The Gift of Life

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Community Clinic provides quality health care to uninsured adults living in West Dallas. Through relationships with practically every major health care system in the Metroplex, the Clinic is able to provide a variety of services. One of those services is free mammograms. Every other month Methodist Health System’s mobile mammogram unit comes to BBHH and provides mammograms for up to 25 women. After getting her first mammogram a year ago at BBHH one particular woman was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer. Immediately, the hospital started her on chemo and then radiation. For the past year Brother Bill’s Helping Hand has prayed for her and been an encouragement to her through letters, phone calls, and personal visits. In her own words, she says – “Last year they told me that I was sick with cancer. Thanks to the cards that Brother Bill’s sent me, and all the help I received, I have felt encouraged and strong. To me, the people at Brother Bill’s are like angels. I am sure that if I would not have come to this place, it is possible that I would not have known about my sickness. But Brother Bill’s saved me; they saved my life for now.”

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